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About Us

Community Care Links Services is a disability service provider with trust, empowerment, care and support at its core.


We specialise in supporting children, youth & adults for your support coordination needs to ensure you are connected to essential services to meet your goals. Our team is made up of amazing, highly trained, dedicated professionals with in-depth experience and knowledge of the disability and community sector. We work alongside Allied health professionals & specialists to take the stress out of finding the right services for you or your child.


We are known for our compassion and dedication towards supporting those who need it most through carrying our core values, mission and vision alongside all that we do. We tailor our services to fit your specific needs & abilities, so that you can achieve what you want to in life. We are here to help you feel empowered and give you the care and support you need so that you live the meaningful life that you deserve.


We pride ourselves on creating an environment that puts you and your needs first, showing you respect and attentiveness at all times, so that you are able to achieve your life goals, have access to learn new skills to help you maintain your independence and feel a sense of connection to the community around you.

Our Mission

To support and enhance your skills so you can live your life with purpose, dignity,

and the power to make your own choices.

Our Vision

To create a community where no one is left behind, to walk alongside you in a society that empowers diversity, shows respect and provides opportunities for all to live a meaningful fulfilling life.



We are transparent and honest in all that we do when providing our support services to you, so that you know you are in a safe, supportive environment with a team that is committed to improving your wellbeing.



We are with you every step of the way on your journey with us to help you tap into your strengths, learn new skills and do the things you want to in life, so you feel empowered to achieve your goals and maintain your independence.



We provide our services thoughtfully and with the utmost care. We show this through our high attention to detail, consistent delivery of our services and through understanding your individual circumstances. No person gets left behind. We walk alongside you.



We respect every individual’s background, challenges and life goals and we tailor our support specifically to you. We are professional in our manner so that you can depend on us to always be reliable, honest & consistent.

Our Values

No person gets left behind. We are alongside you and your family throughout your journey with us so that you can achieve your goals.

Community Care Links Services Founder

What sets us apart?

Finding the right support can be a challenge, at Community Care Links Services, we take the stress out of accessing the services you need by getting to know you and your needs, we simplify the process of connecting you to the right individual supports and connecting you to the right services that help you achieve your goals.


Trustworthiness and reliability are two values that are incredibly important when choosing the right support network for yourself, that’s why at Community Care Links Services, our staff are all highly trained and experienced, as well as aligned with our values, mission, and vision, so that you can be confident that when you choose us to support you, you will receive dedicated, tailored support that is unmatched.

Trish brings over 30 years professional experience in the community field ranging from early years intervention, youth, disabilities, mental health, family therapy and aged care etc. Through her own personal experience as a parent, Trish has gained a lot of experience when it comes to navigating the NDIS, to help you find the right support and services. Trish brings diligence, strength, and a person-centred approach to the individuals she supports, their families, her team, and her business. She is dedicated to connecting you with the right support network to help you tap into your strengths, to support you to learn and develop new skills, stay active in your community and enjoy life!

Why choose us?

When you connect with us here at Community Care Links Services, you become part of our family.

We provide our services to children, youth, adults and their families through the regional and metro areas of the Gold coast, Tweed areas and all the way to Brisbane and surrounding areas. Our support services are provided either in your home or your community, dependent on your needs and requirements.

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You are our focus

We are here to provide you with the support you need tailored to your specific requirements.

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We empower you

We give you the support & environment to empower you to live life on your terms.

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We are experienced

Everyone in our team has extensive experience within the disability and aged care sectors and we undergo regular professional development.

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We are dedicated

We are dedicated & passionate about providing top quality care to every person we connect with.

Let's talk about how we can help you!

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